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Creating a business that lasts is hard. Kurent can help you build it like an enterprise from the start.

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Our completely customized services enable you to optimize and elevate your brand to a new level of performance. Whether you’re launching a product, opening a new location, or shifting strategies to adapt to changes in the market.

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There’s only one thing harder than starting a successful business: fixing it when it’s going off the rails.

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Not every company will survive the next few years. In an unpredictable, competitive global marketplace, the next generation of business needs to prioritize transparency, community, and core business values.

It takes bravery and brilliance to launch a passion project, but all it takes to sink it is poor planning.

We'll help you:

  • Stop executing on last month’s strategy and take a proactive stance

  • Adapt easily to changing markets

  • Align your core business values within your community

  • Set performance goals and achieve them

  • Measure and optimize your business with critical KPIs

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About Us

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Kurent is a consulting business that develops SMBs to bring out their potential. Our custom engagements help companies excel with go-to-market strategy, core business value alignment, key performance indicators, metrics, processes and future planning.

Kurent exists to bring out the best of our community, to connect passionate creators and their ideas with the resources and guidance they need to build a business that lasts.

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